Message from Steve Bolingbroke, CEO

Our personalised model of learning will provide exciting opportunities for the young people in our Academies, giving them the tools and skills they need to succeed in the modern world.

Together with our committed team of teachers, students and community partners we are dedicated to realising our core objective — ‘achieving more than we thought possible´.



The Learning Schools Trust (LST) is the non-profit, charitable organisation that operates the Kunskapsskolan-sponsored academies in England.

Two Learning School Trust academies opened in September 2010: Twickenham Academy and Hampton Academy. Ipswich Academy opened in March 2011 and Elizabeth Woodville School in Northamptonshire joined in December 2012.

LST´s Academies are non-fee paying, not faith-based, non-selective and strive to offer their students the widest range of possible qualifications, based on the English National Curriculum and incorporating Kunskapsskolan´s unique personalised learning model.

Visions and Values

At Learning Schools Trust, our vision is:

“To operate outstanding schools in which every student, through personalised learning and clear goals, will stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible".

All aspects of our schools are designed to provide a personalised education that meets the needs of each student and are built around the following core values:

All people are different
Success depends on challenging goals and clear requirements
We educate for life
“Life is what I make it"

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Joint Statement on Governance review at Hampton & Twickenham Academies

After five years of operating Hampton Academy and Twickenham Academy in Richmond upon Thames, Learning Schools Trust (LST) has been undertaking a strategic review of its operation to determine whether alternative governance arrangements

would best serve the needs of the students in their schools.

Specifically, LST has been considering the feasibility of a local multi-academy trust. This would be a group of local schools working together to share best practice, economies of scale, joint systems and approaches.

Evidence from the Department for Education (DfE) shows that the most successful Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) operate in close geographic groups with a range of converter and sponsored schools. Based on that evidence LST is keen to explore the opportunity for Hampton and Twickenham to benefit from working more closely with local schools.

At LST’s request, the DfE and the Local Authority have approached Teddington and Waldegrave Schools and asked them to consider whether they would have a closer relationship and ultimately new trust arrangements that would provide governance for the two Academies.

The Governors of Teddington School and the Board of Directors of the Waldegrave Trust have considered the request and have agreed to work with LST to carry out an in depth review of the stages of development of Hampton and Twickenham Academies to decide whether such a local arrangement would be to the benefit of learners in all four schools. 

In the meantime, LST will continue to work with the staff and leadership of Twickenham and Hampton Academies to raise standards.

The outcome of the in depth review will be announced once the process is completed followed by a rapid move to any new arrangement. 

Nick Whitfield,        Chief Executive, Director of Children’s Services, Achieving for Children

Steve Bolingbroke  Chief Executive, Learning Schools Trust

Philippa Nunn          Headteacher, Waldegrave School

John Wilkinson        Headteacher, Teddington School

3rd November 2015 21:40