Message from Steve Bolingbroke, CEO

Our personalised model of learning will provide exciting opportunities for the young people in our Academies, giving them the tools and skills they need to succeed in the modern world.

Together with our committed team of teachers, students and community partners we are dedicated to realising our core objective — ‘achieving more than we thought possible´.



The Learning Schools Trust (LST) is the non-profit, charitable organisation that operates the Kunskapsskolan-sponsored academies in England.

Two Learning School Trust academies opened in September 2010: Twickenham Academy and Hampton Academy. Ipswich Academy opened in March 2011 and Elizabeth Woodville School in Northamptonshire joined in December 2012.

LST´s Academies are non-fee paying, not faith-based, non-selective and strive to offer their students the widest range of possible qualifications, based on the English National Curriculum and incorporating Kunskapsskolan´s unique personalised learning model.

Visions and Values

At Learning Schools Trust, our vision is:

“To operate outstanding schools in which every student, through personalised learning and clear goals, will stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible".

All aspects of our schools are designed to provide a personalised education that meets the needs of each student and are built around the following core values:

All people are different
Success depends on challenging goals and clear requirements
We educate for life
“Life is what I make it"

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Ipswich Academy joins Paradigm Trust

1st Septemnber 2015

Ipswich Academy is now part of Paradigm Trust. The board and staff of LST wish the Academy every success in the future.

EWS gets the thumbs up from Ofsted

16 June 2014

The Elizabeth Woodville School has received a "Good" rating from Ofsted during a recent inspection visit to the school. Read more ...​Word 2007 (word 2007, 229 kB)

Learning Schools Trust update on progress of Academies

24 March 2014

The Learning Schools Trust is proud to share the progress our four academies – the Elizabeth Woodville School, Hampton Academy, Twickenham Academy and Ipswich Academy - have made in the three years we have been operating.  Well done to the students and staff; this is a great reflection of their hard work so far and their commitment to further improvements.

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Twickenham Academy appoints a new Principal

The Learning Schools Trust has announced that the Principal of Twickenham Academy, Nick Jones, will retire at the end of the summer term and Mrs Tracy Ward will be his successor. Mrs Ward has over 20 years of experience as a senior leader in education, both in the UK and in international settings, bringing a wealth of expertise to the role. She was previously Headteacher at King's College, Guildford and prior to that was a Fellow at the International Institute of Educational Leadership in Hull. She has a First Class Honours degree in English and History and is a Chartered London Teacher, a Fellow of the College of Teachers and of the Chartered Management Institute.Mrs Ward has a particular interest in the ongoing support and professional development of education professionals, being one of only 28 Senior Coach Practitioners accredited by The European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Being e-safe! — The Learning Schools Trust working in partnership with Childnet

Childnet´s mission is to work with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. With technology being important in the way our students learn and play, we believe they are the perfect organisation to work with to promote the benefits of technology in learning, whilst keeping our students safe. By clicking hereexternal link, you will be directed to Childnet´s web page where you will find lots of information about how to keep children safe online. Our student and teacher IT ambassadors are being trained by Childnet on how to be e-safe — they will then take these ideas back to their respective Academies and train others.

Appointment of a new CEO

1 October 2013

The Learning Schools Trust Board has confirmed the appointment of Steve Bolingbroke as CEO of Learning Schools Trust in succession to John Baumber.
Steve will assume the role of CEO with immediate effect (1 October) so that he can focus on the many curriculum and pedagogic developments he is leading on. John Baumber will formally step down at Christmas but will continue to work with LST in a consultative capacity. 
Mr Bolingbroke says: “It is a privilege to work in schools. The young people we are responsible for deserve the very best education they can get. They will need all the skills, knowledge, resilience and self-confidence that we help them develop as they face the challenges of a changing world.
“It is an honour to have been chosen to lead the many talented and committed people who work in our Academies. We share a vision that a different kind of education is needed for students to ‘achieve more than they thought possible´ and to prepare them for the world they will inherit.
“I look forward to working with all our talented staff to create outstanding personalised learning schools."


Ipswich Academy Celebrates First Ever A Level Results
August 2013

Ipswich Academy students celebrate 98% pass rate in the first A-level results at the Academy. 66% results are at A* to C. All 18 students with University places achieved the grades they needed.

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Elizabeth Woodville School joins Learning Schools Trust
December 2012

The Elizabeth Woodville School is the latest school to join the Learning Schools Trust. The school has been using the LST personalised learning approach with Years 7 and 8 since September this year and formally joined the trust on 1st December.

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